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The Core of the Trading House

The First Cross Trade

What is a trading house? The definition varies, but, at PEARL MERCHANDISING INC., we believe that four requirements have to be met.

The trading house must be involved with both import and export. It must also conduct business between countries and markets, regardless of where the house has its headquarters. We call this cross - trading.

The trading house must trade in a broad spectrum of goods, but, at the same time, it must be able to supply the expertise and capacity for products development, products coordination and complicated system solutions within the areas in which it operates.

The trading house must have no production interests of its own, no financial ties, which favor individual customers or suppliers.

The trading house must be able to take responsibility for the funding of its own business dealing and be able to accommodate both political and business risks.

Pearl Merchandising Inc. has been operating on this basis of these principles since from the start. We are a pure trading house, which operates in four business areas: Philippine handicrafts (Pillowcases, refrigerator hand towels, bathroom tissue paper holder, long span window curtains and bed sheets), all kinds of industrial chemicals, all kinds of industrial safety gloves, and all kinds of industrial fuel/oil filters including other related industrial heavy equipments and spare parts.